focus on sales growth, cash flow & cost

live business apps & ai assistants

morr not a typical app

it is your own business assistant ai bot, simplified & actionable business flows

intelligent & Actionable alerts ..

instant notifications to users..

informative visuals & data views..

intuitive follow-ups & actions..

make daily routine work super easy & actionable

ERP/SAP Add on App,Analytics & AI Assistants

Business/Corporate Performance management ( KPI ) AI Assistant

Set business goals, kpi targets and review progress. Alert on poor performers. Eliminate manual MIS reporting and spreadsheet workings.

Finance Planning, Cash flow & Cost Control AI Assistant

Make financial budgets, cash flow plans and cost control measures. track finance in real time and take wise decisions.Get Instant insights on cash flow.

Live sales performance boards, Analytics AI Assistant

Set Sales  targets to teams, track in real time and alert on poor sales progress.  Analyze  sales tends and alert actionable measures

Procurement & Stock Control  AI Assistant

Automate stock control measures and measure stock movements. Make procurement decisions based on demand and  supply metrics.  Help reduce stock levels.

Manufacturing Execution and work in progress AI Assistant

Set manufacturing plans and routings. Measure resource costs, work in progress.Review mfg kpis, control delays & cost overrun.

Project Planning & Tracking AI Assistant

Plan schedules, resource needs. Set project controls and track deviations to achieve projects on time and on cost. Publish live proiect boards.

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